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Important Spare Car Parts Every Car Owner Should Have

Every modern car you see on the roads right now is designed and built to last. These vehicles undergo extensive testing in the form of trials and errors before they get to roll out on the streets. This means that getting a brand-new car reduces the risk of malfunctions. But of course, it still pays off to be prepared for such situations by having spare car parts handy. 

No matter how shiny your new ride might be, it still has several parts that are prone to wear and tear, even more so if you’re driving in difficult terrains and conditions. Without further ado, here are the most important spare parts you should always have in your car all the time. 

Spare Tyre

If you’ve been a car owner for some time now, chances are you already know that a spare tyre is standard in every car. However, some manufacturers put it inside the boot only to occupy most of the space there. As a result, car owners take out the spare tyre every time they got more luggage to store there. 

Punctures can also be very common and sadly, this is something that is pretty much out of your control. This means that there is a high possibility that you have already used up your spare tyre. So aside from getting another spare, you might as well make sure that you get the other spare repaired if it’s damaged as it is. 

spare car parts shop
You may have already used up your spare tyre because punctures are very common. If it’s damaged, make sure that you get the spare repaired or get another one in a spare car parts shop.

Keeping a spare tyre in your car can make a big difference between suffering a minor inconvenience and being stalled for several hours. Thus, it’s a common rule for drivers to never leave the house without making sure the trunk has a spare tyre available. 

More importantly, see to it that you also know how to change a tyre. Yes, your trunk might have a spare tyre but it wouldn’t be that much help when you have no idea how to install it in the first place. 


Yes, you might have recently changed the belt of your car but you might want to consider adding it to your list of must-bring spare car parts, particularly if you have plans to go on a long road trip.

Make sure you have spare belts for the one running the water pump and any other unusual pump whose spare belt isn’t readily available in many stores. 


People driving a six-volt vehicle should always have a spare coil with them, especially if a long trip is underway. 

Distributor Cap and Rotor

The last thing you want is to find yourself stranded in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere because of a faulty distributor cap and rotor. If you don’t want to find yourself in this kind of dilemma, make sure you have spares in the trunk. This is the last decision you will regret if you ever find yourself held up somewhere out there. 

spare car parts for repair
Make sure you have spare car parts like a distributor cap and rotor in the trunk.

Extra Fuses

The fuse is the one that regulates the current through those wires in your vehicle. But the moment they are exposed to excessive heat, they will end up malfunctioning. It’s quite a common occurrence to deal with a blown fuse. 

  • However, you don’t need to worry because diagnosing and changing them is easy and simple.
  • A tiny screwdriver is the only thing you need here.
  • If the fuse has a noticeable gap between the smear and the wires, this is a telltale sign that it has already blown up.

Be sure to have a spare set available.

Spare Set of Lights 

The position of your car’s lights is quite vulnerable and even the lightest bumps may end up breaking them. Although car manufacturers are already making improvements on the headlight covers and their durability, it doesn’t change the fact that they are very delicate.

Aside from this, halogen lamps tend to malfunction often as well. This is why it is always advisable to have an extra set of lights as among the spare car parts you should always have with you. Changing them is super easy if something ever breaks all of a sudden.

Some manufacturers also offer a spare set of bulbs with their vehicles although others don’t. 


Can you still remember the last time you bothered changing your oil and air filter? Whether you can still remember it or not, it pays off to have spare filters available in your vehicle to save yourself from potential problems while you’re out on the road. 

spare car parts to save yourself from potential problems while you’re out on the road
It pays off to have spare air filters available in your vehicle to save yourself from potential problems while you’re out on the road. 

Jumper Cables

While it’s easy to just recommend that you carry an extra bunny, this might sound a bit too much, right? Rather than lugging that bulk, spare jumper cables would be a better alternative. These jumper cables can be of great help if your headlights were accidentally left on, causing your battery to drain out. And whether you believe it or not, it happens all too often to a lot of car owners out there!

Condenser and Points

if the car you’re driving has a mechanically advanced and points-based ignition, it’s wise to have spare points and a condenser on hand no matter how long or short your drive might be. Having these spare parts makes sense since they tend to break down just when you least expect them to. 

Spark Plug

The spark plug might loosen or fall out while you’re driving and once this happens, your vehicle might not start correctly or worse, it might not even start in the first place. This is why it’s also a good idea for your toolbox to have a spare spark plug. Just like other spare car parts, an extra will help you get to your destination if the spark plug suddenly malfunctions. 

YouTube video
How to change & inspect spark plugs if they loosen or fall out while you’re driving. It’s a good idea to have extra spark plugs in your car spare parts.

Wiper Blades

A faulty windshield wiper is the last thing you’d want to have if you’re out on the road in the middle of a heavy downpour. That’s why it’s critical to keep some spare blades in your car just in case the current ones break down all of a sudden. 

Carrying these spare car parts with you is so much easier compared to being stranded due to a faulty condenser or belt.

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