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How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Jackets and Suits

When you ride a motorcycle, you expose yourself to heat, wind, rain, and even potential crashes. The best motorcycle jackets and motorcycle suits are like your second best friend next to your helmet.

But which jacket or suit should you get in the first place? Aren’t they all the same? Don’t they provide the same level of security and protection? 

Here’s the thing: jackets and suits for motorcycle riding aren’t equal. It means that not all of them suit you and your specific needs. Look at some of the most critical factors you need to check to help you find the perfect jacket or suit you should wear on your next ride. 


Your motorcycle jacket or suit has one major function and purpose: to offer you the protection you need while on the road. The best moto jackets feature armor along the spine and the joints to protect you. 

Armor is often rated at the CE level. Specifically, the CE Level 2 Armor is designed for higher-speed applications.

This is also more protective compared to CE Level 1 armor, although it’s still so much better than not wearing any armor at all. 


Motorcycle jackets and motorcycle suits must have a tight and snug fit without being too tight. What does it mean? It means that your jacket must be tight enough to ensure that the armor stays in the right place and doesn’t flap in the wind. 

motorcycle suit with the right fit
Your motorcycle suit must be tight enough to ensure the armor stays in the right place and doesn’t flap in the wind.

However, you would still want your suit to lose enough fit so you can move around freely without feeling restricted or bonded. Most jackets today are adjustable with stretch panels. You might also want to opt for sleeves that are a bit longer than those of typical jackets to prevent them from riding up when you’re holding the handlebars. 


Warm weather is undoubtedly the favorite time of the year for road trips. Of course, the last thing you want is to feel, look, or smell like you just stepped outside a sauna bath when you hop off your bike. 

This is why airflow is crucial. Leather jackets usually feature perforation for this particular purpose, while mesh paneling is a common addition in textile jackets. 


Leather is the most classic material option for motorcycle suits and jackets. Aside from the obvious fact that they look great, leather jackets also offer exceptional durability, abrasion resistance, and comfort after you break them in. 

Leather motorcycle jackets are ultimate staple for riding enthusiasts.
Leather motorcycle jackets are recognized as the ultimate staple for riding enthusiasts.

Textile jackets are also compelling substitutes for leather. These are often specialized to provide features such as extra ventilation and waterproofing, not to mention that they come at a cheaper price tag. 

Many jackets for riding these days are also made from the famous synthetic fiber Kevlar. This material offers heat and abrasion resistance. Despite not being as flexible and breathable as other fabrics, some jackets still use Kevlar at certain strategic areas to reinforce Cordura nylon and other fabrics. 


The best jackets and suits for motorcycle riding will help other riders easily see and spot you even in the dark of the night, thanks to their reflective paneling. 


Closures are more important for motorcycle riding jackets than for normal jackets. Cuffs must be secure while the zippers should allow you to hold your items in with confidence while being easy to work on even if you’re wearing your riding gloves. 

Popular Types of Motorcycle Jackets and Suits

Three popular and common suits and jackets are available for motorcycle riders: leather, textile, and mesh. 

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are probably the first thing you imagine during discussions about motorcycle rides. These jackets in general are recognised as the ultimate staple for riding enthusiasts. However, there’s more to these jackets than being mere fashion statements. They also offer riders numerous benefits while out on the open roads.

Leather motorcycle suits offer exceptional durability,
Leather motorcycle suits look great and offer exceptional durability, abrasion resistance, and comfort after you break them in. 

The most important safety benefit of leather jackets is none other than their abrasion resistance. If you’ve been involved in an accident, your leather jacket can give you optimum protection during the crash. 

The heavy material of leather jackets, however, is the reason why this particular style has its disadvantages. The weight of these jackets can make a rider feel fatigued faster than wearing a textile jacket. The thick material doesn’t lend itself well to rain or hot weather conditions. Black leather may soak up the sun’s heat faster.

Leather also doesn’t fare well as an option during rainy weather. While these jackets are often treated to become resistant to water, the water will still soak through. 

Textile Jackets

Textile is a more versatile jacket material compared to leather. Due to its lightweight fabric, a textile jacket has excellent ventilation and is highly breathable. 

For rainy days, textile jackets can be made waterproof as well. Textile motorcycle jackets are great for rainy conditions, keeping you safe from the water. 

textile motorcycle jacket is highly breathable. 
A textile motorcycle jacket has excellent ventilation and is highly breathable. 

In addition, since it’s easier to work with the fabric of these jackets, there are typically more available features than their leather counterparts. 

However, due to the lighter fabric of these textile jackets, they are also less durable and tend to wear out much faster than top-quality leather jackets. 

Mesh Jackets

Mesh jackets are like the younger brother of textile jackets. Mesh is an excellent choice for those who love to go on rides amidst the heat of the summer months. 

YouTube video
Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

Although mesh jackets are an ideal option for making sure that you stay cool and cozy during the warm summer months, these provide the most minimal amount of protection. 

Due to the light fabric used in these jackets, these are often the most affordable option than textile and leather jackets. 

You can get the best motorcycle jackets and suits for the safest and most comfortable ride ever!

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