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Lubricated steering wheel for healthy machines

Before automakers introduced power steering in the 1950s, drivers had to work a lot harder to keep their vehicles straight or just turn. The simple driving mechanisms of over half a century ago have fortunately been replaced with more complex driving systems that allow vehicles to be maneuvered with less effort.

Hydraulic power steering is an integral part of a safe and efficient driving system, and keeping it in good condition by regularly checking fluids and observing for leaks can help ensure your car is running as efficiently as possible.

Welcome to this short journey to discover how hydraulic power steering works, how to identify problems, and what you can do to get the system working properly.

Textile or rubber – the perfect car mat

Today’s car mats have many options. One of the first choices you need to make is between textiles and rubber car mats. Both types have pros and cons to consider.

What is the best material for car mats?

Both carpet and rubber are excellent car mat materials. The rubber mats are easy to clean and can withstand very dirty environments. Carpet mats are available in multiple colors and styles customized to match your vehicle’s interior. Depending on the use, both materials can meet your needs.

One of the engine components that you simply must understand

Describe a fuel pump.

A crucial component of your car’s mechanical system, the fuel pump transports petrol from the tank via the fuel system to the engine. The gasoline burns inside the cylinders after passing through a fuel filter in the injectors during this procedure.
Gasoline would not be able to reach the engine without a pump, and the pistons would be ineffective if there was not enough fuel to power the transmission.
On newer cars with electronic fuel injection systems (which need higher fuel pressure), fuel pumps are utilized instead of the plungers or diaphragms that mechanical fuel pumps used to deliver fuel to the carburetor, which then sprays it into the cylinders. Electric energy. Electric pumps located inside the gas tanks of the cars are operated by DC electric motors. These components are mounted away from the engine and coated with cold gasoline, both of which lessen the fire risk.

Sparks and Engines

We have seen so many films where the reason why cars stop on the street or right in front of a handsome mechanic’s workshop is dirty spark plugs. But apparently, the cinema hasn’t done enough: most people never think about spark plugs and their function if the engine has problems. Yet these small parts play an incredibly important role in the operation of your car. In fact, without properly working spark plugs, your car most likely would not be able to run at all. In this article, we want to take a closer look at why spark plugs are so important, including what they do and how to know when it might be time to replace them.

Efficient Additional Transport Systems

If you’re thinking about roof bars as an external transportation system, there’s something you need to know. These bars fit onto the roof of your vehicle, using a variety of attachment systems but all are useful and good for the ultimate goal: adding space to carry things. Roof bars are perfect if you’re an RVer, cyclist, or just need to carry several things, as they allow you to load your bike, camping tents, bags, and other gear on them that wouldn’t fit in the trunk.

In this guide, we want to explain the different types of roof bars available and how you’ll be able to adapt them to your vehicle. 

Fog lights, Everything You Need to Know

Car lights have evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years, so much so that fog lights seem almost useless these days. But the law stipulates that fog lights must be included in the rear lights of a car, while the front fog lights are a useful extra that car makers can use to lure buyers towards higher spec models. A basic part and an optional part. But fog lights are an element of the car to be absolutely considered and not to be underestimated.

Tips for Choosing the Right Mat for Cars

Unlike carpeted car mats, rubber car mats have limited design and color options that may not blend well with your vehicle’s interior. And while they are weather and water resistant, the rubber mats hold up well in extreme heat. Exposing them to the sun for a long time will create tiny cracks and crevices on the surface, causing breakage in the long run. Some poor quality rubber car mats can also become slippery when wet.