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Tips for Choosing the Right Mat for Cars

Unlike carpeted car mats, rubber car mats have limited design and color options that may not blend well with your vehicle’s interior. And while they are weather and water resistant, the rubber mats hold up well in extreme heat. Exposing them to the sun for a long time will create tiny cracks and crevices on the surface, causing breakage in the long run. Some poor quality rubber car mats can also become slippery when wet.

Rubber car mats
Rubber car mats are 100% adaptable to the shape of the vehicle

Withcar Rubber car mats are recommended for vehicles that are always used when hiking outdoors. If you have passengers prone to toppling and throwing objects, rubber mats are for you too.

The Latest Alternative to Rubber Car Mats: Vinyl.

Vinyl mats are made of synthetic plastic. These items also have a wide range of design alternatives, colors and styles available. They are also resistant to chemicals and good at absorbing moisture. Overall, vinyl floor mats can be a great alternative to rubber car mats as they are cheaper. Just like any material, vinyl also has its weaknesses. Vinyl mats are less durable than rubber car mats. They are also prone to cracking, curling and warping, especially if they are exposed to extreme heat or cold.

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Vinyl floor mats are perfect to protect your vehicles

All the properties of carpet, rubber and vinyl have been discussed so that you have the choice for yourself. Carefully evaluate safety, strength, durability and design (because even the eye wants its part) and choose the one that, according to your needs, is the most suitable for you.

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