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Is It Time To Replace Your Windshield Wipers?

They might be sitting idle and unused most of the time but did you know that wipers play an important role in road safety? Your windshield may give you your much needed visibility as you cruise the roads but if rain, snow or sleet is covering it, your windshield will be rendered useless and even dangerous. This is where wiper blades come in handy.

Wiper blades can wick away snow, water droplets, and condensation. Just as how jelly and peanut butter go together, your wiper blades and windshield are also a pair that always go hand in hand. 

Windshield Wiper Blades
Windshield Wipers & Washers

You are surely aware of the importance of getting things done on a regular basis such as tire rotations and oil changes for a better and safer drive. But, did you know that it is also important to get your wiper blades replaced? In case you don’t know it is actually one of the most crucial aspects of vehicle maintenance.

How Often Should You Replace Your Wiper Blades?

Windshield wipers must be replaced every 6 months or once you notice some differences in visibility while driving. The blades are meant to move over the surface of the windshield in a simple and smooth motion.

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Once the blades are no longer having the right contact with the surface of the windshield, they will start to streak, smear, and squeak, reducing visibility while driving. Sadly, broken or damaged blades will no longer function as designed. 

How to Tell If You Need to Change Your Wiper Blades

Aside from the wipe quality and sound of the wiper blades, there are some more ways to tell if it is time for wiper blade replacement:

  • There are missing pieces, tears, and visible cracks in the edge of the rubber squeegee. 
  • Check the wiping edges of the squeegee. If you notice the edges worn out, this can stop the wipers from making a strong contact with your windshield, thus reducing the wipe quality. 
  • Lightly pull or tug the wiper blade to make sure that it is securely and properly installed on the wiper arm. You have to check that the squeegee is also secure and in place in the wiper blade frame. 
  • Flex the rubber squeegee back and forth to check whether it is flexible is not. Old squeegees will have a hard time conforming to the windshield’s shape and creating streaks. 

Why Do Wipers Deteriorate Fast?

Wiper blades tend to deteriorate because of various environmental factors such as:

  • Airborne debris such as dust, mud and sad carried in the wind
  • Sun due to ozone deterioration and ultraviolet light
  • Oil as car exhaust and waxes hold oil that can deteriorate rubber 

Proper visibility is essential to have a safe drive at all times. Although drivers depend on the wiper blades of their vehicles to clear away snow, rain, and sleet, most of them wait until they really need it before they decide to replace their wipers. Make sure you maintain them on a regular basis for maximum reliability, efficiency, and visibility.

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